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heya! my commissions are open!

heres my prices and tos!

(note: I DRAW ANYTHING! unless otherwise stated!)

(note 2: COMMISSIONS ARE NOT FREE ART!!! i swear i have a lot of kids come into my dms saying they want a commission and then expecting free art lmao)

please read through these terms before commissioning me. by commissioning/trading with me you agree to the following terms!

commission TOS:

1. prices are in usd and payments are taken through (paypal option coming soon!), discord nitro, or amazon gift cards. i require full payment before the commission is to be started unless otherwise stated.

2. prices can increase based on the complexity of your character (markings, wings, etc.)! please keep this in mind. after you send your commission request and i accept it, i will send you a quote for your specific commission and you can determine whether it's within your budget or not.

3. you may be granted a refund if the commission hasn't been started or if i am unable to finish the commission. please message me to discuss a refund.

4. please do not ask for a refund as soon as you commission me. i am not a bank you can put $$ into and then take out when you need to!! thank you.

5. i may refuse your commission request for any reason.

6. you are allowed to post your finished commission with credit on social media (instagram, twitter, etc.)! please do not forget to credit me for my work.

7. i will only do edits to the sketch/lineart of the piece and not after shading unless the edit is important (missing marking, accessory, etc.)!

commission process:

1. please provide a clear digital reference sheet for your commission request to be considered. i will not work with traditional refs, i'm sorry!

2. i will provide sketches/WIPs when i have them available

3. please do not ask for updates constantly. i have a life ya know

commission subjects:

1. no hate speech or homophobic, transphobic, racist artwork.

2. if you have any questions on what you want. feel free to ask!!


1. please keep in mind that your quote for your specific commission may increase based on character design complexity (markings, wings, etc.)! i will not invoice you for your commission until i receive word that the quote/price given is within your budget.

2. if you want a commission shipped to you (ex: a badge) that will be an additional cost separate from the prices shown here!! you will be sent a separate (second) invoice for the shipping before the badge/item has been shipped that is expected to be paid in full promptly!! thank you.

(physical commissions coming soon!)

symmetrical headshots - $10

normal headshots - $10

emoji/emoticon headshots - $2 (per emote) [max 5 emotes]

chibis - $15

full bodies - $20

custom designs - $25+ (price varies depending on what you want for your design)

character reference sheets - $30 (default comes with one fullbody, two front and back chibis, info box, and up to four accessories)

daki/body pillows designs - $20 for each side (DOES NOT COME PHYSICAL!! youd have to commission someone else to do that for you :3)

illustrations - $50+ (price varies on what you want. comes with detailed shading and detailed background. it can be bust/half body/or fullbody)

if you are interested, dm me here OR dm me on discord! (discord preferably)

discord tag: alexfriggindiez#2005

thank you for your time! :3


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